Honeymoon planning made easy


Weddings are one-of-a-kind occasions. Weddings also tend to be stressful, even for the most laid-back people. But a honeymoon gives the couple a chance to enjoy uninterrupted moments together and serves as a way to recuperate from the months and sometimes years of wedding planning.

Honeymoons are a beloved wedding tradition, and some couples even combine their weddings and honeymoons by opting for a destination wedding. Because the honeymoon should be a way to unwind on a dream vacation, booking the honeymoon and setting an itinerary should not add to the pressure of planning, and the following tips should make planning a honeymoon a snap.

* Research your destination. Learn all you can about a destination before booking your honeymoon. Study the weather for the time of year you will be on your honeymoon, and learn about currency exchange, local rules and regulations and other pertinent factors to determine the best places to visit. You do not want to be met with surprises that might compromise your trip upon arriving to your honeymoon destination.

* Book well in advance. The sooner you choose your destination, the faster you can begin the process of applying for passports, visas or other necessary documents. Booking early also guarantees you better seats on the flight and the ability to negotiate pricing.

* Give yourself a full day between the wedding and embarking on your trip. Scenes of couples being whisked away to the airport right after the reception dwindles down are commonplace. But that doesn't mean you need to leave right after the final dance. Allow some breathing room to pack, deposit wedding gifts, return tuxedoes, and tackle any other post-wedding tasks. Save the romantic "first night" as a couple for the honeymoon and enjoy a well-deserved night's sleep.

* Purchase travel insurance. One way to alleviate the stress of planning a wedding is to ensure your honeymoon investment is protected in the event of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Travelinsurance is a safety net that can come in handy. Speak witth us or your insurance agent about how to secure travel insurance for the honeymoon.

* Pack light. Don't burden yourself down with a lot of belongings. Chances are you'll pick up new things and mementos on the trip, and packing light makes traversing airports that much easier

Cruising is the no-work vacation


People who are looking for a laid-back and fuss-free vacation can turn to cruising.

Cruising remains popular and that popularity continues to grow. Data from the Cruise Line International Association, Inc. market profile survey for 2011 found that cruising ranks second as the most popular vacation behind land-based nonresort vacations. Almost 71 percent of the total vacation market has an interest in cruising. Among past cruisers, survey respondents said they will most likely take another cruise over the next three years.

CLIA research indicates that cruisers tend to be middle-aged, predominantly married couples with a median income of $97,000. The higher household income may account for the ability to cruise amid a floundering economy.

What's behind the popularity of cruising? One of the main draws to cruising is its relative ease. From the moment a ship embarks, cruisers are aboard a floating hotel. All of their needs are met within the confines of the ship, and there's no hassle with baggage or layovers like there is for air travel. There's also no traffic on the open seas, and cruisers can customize their days and do as little or as much as they like.

The all-inclusive nature of cruising extends to meals. A popular factor of cruising is that one needn't look far for the next meal. Unlike other hotels and resorts, there's no traveling far for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and passengers don't have to carry around extra money for meal expenses. Cruise packages often include all-you-can-eat options. This can seem like a bargain, as the cost of meals on other vacations tends to be a significant. According to Ehow.com, vacationers spend upwards of $600 in food for a week-long vacation. In comparison, cruising costs on average $1,500 per person, which covers the accommodations, meals, some excursions, and onboard activities.

Travelers who are not interested in planning a day-to-day itinerary to keep busy often like the amenities of cruising. Most cruises have a cruise director who leads guests in various activities during the day. Most modern-day cruise ships offer ample entertainment options. From swimming pools to skating rinks to rock walls to surfing simulators, there are activities for most age groups. For an additional cost, cruisers can leave the ship and go on specialized excursions at ports of call. Still, cruisers who just want to sit on deck and relax can do just that.

Because most cruise ships travel in international waters, they are not governed by the rules of the land. For example, gambling is often legal aboard ships when they are out of port.

Cruising remains one of the most popular types of vacations. And since CLIAsays that many people still book cruise vacations through a travelagent, cruising may be one of the easiest vacations to plan and enjoy. Simply pack a suitcase and set sail.

Great getaway ideas for guys 


Weekend getaways are a great opportunity to unwind and escape the daily grind of everyday life. That's especially true for men faced with the pressures of raising a family and maintaining a career. Such men need a break every so often, and a weekend getaway can make for the perfect respite from all of that responsibility.

Many men prefer to share their weekend getaways with male friends who also could use a break. Multiple men making the trip mandates that it be planned in advance and not a last-minute affair. It also requires a little collaboration on the part of the participants, as a fun getaway for one man might seem like a chore to another. The following are a few getaway ideas men might want to consider when looking to get away from it all.


Fishing Trip

A fishing trip is an ideal getaway for men who love to fish and need to relieve a little stress. Fishing is not for everyone, so make sure everyone is on board when planning a trip for your friends and yourself. The relaxing nature of spending some time on the water and catching some fish makes this the ideal getaway for men looking for a peaceful weekend to enjoy the great outdoors. Take along a grill so you can cook up the fruits of your fishing labors each night.


Stadium Tour

Few getaways may pique the interest of baseball fans more than a stadium tour. Pack up the car and plan a stadium tour with your friends. Many teams are located within driving distance of one another, so it's very possible men could cross a handful of stadiums off their lists in just a few days.


Hit the Links

Many men dream of spending a weekend on the golf course, and a golf getaway can make for the perfect weekend for men who love to share a few laughs on the links. Speak to your travel agent about planning a golf getaway weekend. Chances are you can save money by packaging your airfare, accommodations and even your greens fees into a golf getaway package. Then simply hit the links and enjoy all that time relaxing in the sun. And instead of playing your typical 18 holes, play 36 instead!


Embrace Your Inner City Slicker

If you want your getaway to be a little more fast-paced, plan a weekend with friends in a favorite city where you can enjoy nightlife, great food and a few drinks. Spend the afternoon catching a ball game or soaking up some of the city's culture before you and your friends engage in a little revelry after dark. If you and your friends will be flying in from different regions of the country, choose a centrally located city so no one has to fly too far or spend too much on airfare.



Men who prefer cold weather to warmer climates might enjoy a weekend on the slopes. Whether you like to ski or snowboard or prefer to relax in the ski lodge, a skiing trip is a great opportunity to get away and enjoy some time in the great outdoors during a time of year when your chances to get outside are few and far between.